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As promised this blog will cover the second gemstone for our march children. The second stone for the first month of spring is the beautiful Aquamarine stone. This crystal is clear pale blue to sea green in color. The transparency of aquamarine determines the purity of the stone, the purest of aquamarine is quite clear. Aquamarine is a kind of Baryl stone and because of that it is related to a number of different pink, yellow and green gems including emerald. 


Baryl is among the scrying stones meaning used to see the future or to calm and focus your inner eye. Because of that it is not surprising that aquamarine is used for calming the nerves and inciting wisdom. This is also a stone of the throat chakra. Wearing this as a necklace near the throat can aid in communication and find the right way to express oneself. As such, the old kings would say this is also a stone of the courts much like bloodstone.  

This precious stone has been known as the water stone, it is said to protect against drowning and to help one overcome their fear of the water. Sailors would often travel overseas with aquamarine to protect them on their voyage. The ancient Egyptians would bury this stone with their dead to grant them safe passage to the afterlife. Aquamarine would often be worn by Egyptian priestesses to guard against evil spirits and other ominent beings. 

As this is the stone of water it matches quite well with a Pisces. March is shared with both Pisces and Aries with Pisces taking most of the month. The element of a Pisces is water and one of their colors is sea green making their birthstone aquamarine to be a perfect channel of their elements. With Aquamarine being a balancing stone it is a great stone to gift to a married couple as it is said to help preserve their love. It is actually traditionally gifted in celebration of a 19th wedding anniversary signifying long lasting love and happiness.  

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In whatever way you wish to gift this stone: as a protective talisman during travel, a gift of inner strength or as a kingly gift you can rest easy as this is a very durable stone rating a 7.5-8 on the moh scale. With the toughness of this precious stone it can be made into any jewelry from bracelets to earrings without fear of the stone getting scratched or damaged. The rarest and most expensive of aquamarine is a deep dark blue. Impure aquamarine will be quite pale and may have tinted ribbons of yellow. Cuts like these may be tempered or heated to remove the yellow and deepen the blue color. Be more careful with tempered cuts however as all tempers slightly weaken the stone and they can fade if overexposed to sunlight. 

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