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Happy Birthday to our Spring babies! This is the first month of the year to be represented by two stones: Aquamarine and Bloodstone. As such we will be discussing March birthstones in two parts, we will begin with discussing the beautiful and eerie Bloodstone. The Blood stone is a very dark blue/green stone speckled with bright red giving the stone its blood namesake. Bloodstone is actually a form of jasper which has pockets of iron oxides giving the red hue. No two bloodstones will look the same, a stone could have heavy iron oxides in it or none at all. This results in some stones being speckled red while other stones are covered in large splotches or even mostly covered and then you may come across a blood stone with a single speck of red.  


Bloodstone also known as heliotrope is a form of quarts and despite its name and foreboding appearance it is among the healing stones. As the name suggests this stone is connected to blood in terms of healing and protection. It is majorly used as a detoxifying stone specifically in the liver, kidneys and spleen. This gem has also been used for regulating the circulatory system and promoting level headedness and balance. This stone is still used in medicinal practices in India. They grind the Bloodstone into a fine powder which they then make into a paste which is applied topically. In India Bloodstone is not only used as a healing implement but also as an aphrodisiac.  


The ancients held this stone in high regard and offered it as a kingly gift. It is believed that Bloodstone helps one to avoid dangerous situations while promoting clarity. As such this stone was often presented to and worn by kings in the hopes of avoiding bloodshed and war, especially under the rule of a quick-tempered king. Used as a pendent, it lays close to the heart chakra and helps promote courage and balance. 


This semi-precious stone has also been called the Martyrs stone as the red markings on the stone have been associated with the blood of Christ in the Christian belief. The legend is that during the crucifixion there was some jasper at the base of the cross which was then stained with Christ's blood creating the much revered Bloodstone or the Martyrs stone. This stone can be found through Christian practices in forms of brooches and rosaries. Another name given to the Bloodstone is Heliotrope, this word comes from the ancient Greeks and it means “to turn the sun”. It was believed that once placed in water Heliotrope could turn the water red which in turn also changed the sun to red. 


Bloodstone is another tough semi-precious stone coming in at a 6.5-7 on the moh scale. This makes it the ideal stone for bracelets and rings. Due to the darker hues and mild color it is very popular among men jewelry especially in the form of rings. It requires no special care and can be cleaned virtually any way. This is a rather inexpensive stone, if you are looking for a more rare and expensive cut look for a stone in which the red is speckled and even and the dark blue/green is almost black in color. This more rare cut is typically reserved for fine jewelry. 


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