February Birthstone

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                                              February Birthstone 

Happy Birthday to all children of February!

The stone that belongs to this month is the beautiful purple crystal you may all recognize: Amethyst. This purple crystal is unique in the way it grows; at the base of the stone each amethyst crystal begins a bright pale color or sometimes even transparent.

As the crystal grows, its color deepens and produces various shades of purple from lilac to lavender all the way to deep violet. As a result you may find yourself with stones, rocks or beads that look like an average off color crystal but are indeed amethyst. With the way these crystals grow, deep dark colored amethyst are less common and therefore more expensive. A mid colored amethyst is rather common and you will find this stone in most bead, craft and new age stores but that does not make them any less important or valuable. 

Amethyst is among the healing stones; in fact a healing stone collection is not complete without amethyst.

While other healing stones bring strength and healing to the body amethyst heals and opens the mind. This is a calming stone; it is used to relax the nerves and brings balance to one's emotions.

Amethyst is believed to aid in hormonal imbalance and therefore is often used as an aid to depression and in fighting addictions. Specifically, amethyst helps with sobriety and fighting alcohol addiction. This is where it gets its name sake, from the Greek word Amethystos meaning void of intoxication or without wine.

In ancient Greece, wine goblets were often adorned with this stone to guard against over drinking.

Using this gemstone to calm and quiet the mind amethyst then strengthens your focus making you more intuitive and improving memory. The kind of clarity amethyst brings makes it a useful stone for meditating and opening your psyche.

As a balancing stone, amethyst is sought after to support cleansing rituals and fortune telling; being made into pendulums or placed on scrying mirrors. 


Amethyst has been a prized stone for centuries, it was once a rare and precious stone that was valued just as highly as rubies and emeralds. However in the 1800s a large deposit of amethyst was found in Brazil which caused the stone to be more widely available knocking it down from precious stone to semi-precious stone. Despite its current wide availability, deep dark purple amethyst is still hard to come by and is typically found on higher end jewelry.  


There is a rather interesting legend behind the amethyst gemstone. In ancient times there was a young and beautiful woman named Amethyst who was on her way to pay tribute to the goddess of the woods. On her way she came across a lustful and selfish God who began to pursue her. In fear for her life Amethyst cried out to the Goddess for protection and the Goddess responded by turning her into clear quartz to make her invincible to harm. The lustful God was instantly mortified by what had happened and wept for Amethyst. He anointed her with his sacred wine turning her statue into various shades of purple but the wine never reached her legs leaving them pale in color. This is why the amethyst stone has its unique coloring and another reason why the stone is associated with wine.  


With its history of being a highly valued and sought-after gemstone it is often found in old royal jewelry specifically in Russia as that is where amethyst was found before the great Brazil mine was discovered.

Many nobles would adorn themselves with amethyst as a kind of luck charm due to the knowledge of its intuitive boosting powers. As such it became a symbol of power and wealth. Besides gifting this royal and calming stone to a February birthday, this stone has been used to celebrate a sixth wedding anniversary. In addition, amethyst is the power stone for a Scorpio.

Scorpios are well known as being a more passionate and strong minded signs. Amethyst helps a Scorpio embrace their positive qualities and control their strong passion. 


All gemstones and minerals are rated on their durability through the moh scale. Diamond is the toughest stone being all the way at the top of the moh scale and talc is on the bottom being such a fragile material it is ground and used for other purposes. Amethyst is another one of the stronger gemstones  rating 7 on the moh scale.

While this is a tough stone you must be careful to not leave your amethyst jewelry in the sun as prolonged exposure can fade the color. Heating is actually a technique used on darker colored amethyst to dull it into a brighter purple. If you do decide to lighten your amethyst by either of these means be warned that these methods do make the stone brittle and more susceptible to damage.  

Any way you choose to use amethyst, be it a tool for meditation and divination or a gift to a January child or loved one, it is a wonderfully versatile gemstone. It symbolizes beauty and class as well as inner strength and balance. Keeping amethyst in your life will promote peace and well-being and help you seize the day with confidence and joy.    


At Next Stone Age we have a lovely collection of LGBTQ+ jewelry, each piece contains a rainbow of genuine gemstones including amethyst. Here is the link to our full collection: https://nextstoneage.com/collections/equality-collection


This is our LGBTQ+ heart pendant, the gemstones used in this beautiful piece consists of, in order; Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Peridot, Iolite, Blue topaz, Amethyst light, Amethyst dark.




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