Everyone should have a pair of balls! Or even two

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BALLS, Everyone needs a pair! 

It is true, a set of Balls are a must! You will thank me later!

Now that I have your attention let's talk about my balls, and why you should get your own pair. Or two.

My balls are hand rolled and perfectly sized every time,  I do measure for accuracy. These beautiful balls start at 10 inches in diameter and shrink to a tight 8 inches. (Once shruck they can vary in size, a little)

When these balls are complete you may choose to have them scented or not. The smell last a few loads, and the oils will need to be applied regularly.

These dryer balls. Yes, that is what I have been  talking about (sheesh, where was your head?) are one of a kind.

Our dryer balls at Next Stone Age are prepared differently than any other balls out there. We add a knitted cover to the balls so that they will last longer than the typical dryer balls out there. The designs that they make are pretty awesome too.

Go to   https://nextstoneage.com/collections/dryer-balls  to check these out. Yes, they really do shorten the drying time. Which will save you money. (yay)

To scent your balls it's easy. Just let a few drops of your favorite oils drop onto the ball. I use these for my person use and Tom scent my balls



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