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We, at Next Stone Age, are proud to introduce these Dryer Balls to you. While this product is new to Next Stone Age they have been around for over 10 years at our previous store; Absolute Delights.

Under Absolute Delights we have sold approximately 1,000 with no advertising. Just word of mouth. The owner of both companies, Deb, has designed and hand created each and every dryer ball with care.

What are dryer balls, you ask?

In short, dryer balls are an earth friendly substitute to dryer sheets. However, these dryer balls do much more than that. They shorten your initial drying time up to 25 percent, and last a substantial amount of time.

We don’t stop there and this is what really sets us apart from all the other dryer balls out there. We are the only company to make this style of dryer balls. If you look at these pictures you will see what looks like another layer. This is where the biggest different lies.



This creation and the style was made solely by the owner, Deb, She made these unique style of dryer ball after seeing other dryer balls fall apart on her. She new there had to be a solution and that's when these unique dryer balls were born.

Our felting process is different from the standard method and this is where the core strength of our dryer balls comes from. As the yarn felts it also fuses itself together which prevents it from unraveling. In addition, we add a knitted outer layer to the dyer ball during the felting process. With the added layer of protection and our unique felting method you are left with a strong and sturdy dryer ball that will last much longer than the average dryer ball. Making these a smart financial decision

Through the years many customers have returned to add to their collection and to buy these as gifts. Upon purchase you will have the option to order scented dryer balls and you can try out some of these oil scents.

Your dryer balls will not be permanently scented, but all it takes Is a few drops of the essential oil directly onto the dryer ball and it will last a few loads. As the scent begins to fade, you will then have the option to reapply a scent yourself or just allow the scent to fade all together.

Here is a link for the essential oils we use on both your dryer balls and ours Frequently Asked


How many dryer balls do you recommend? For best results use 4 to 6 dryer balls depending on the size of your load. A larger load requires more dryer balls.

How big are they? Prior to felting they measure 10 inches in diameter, they felt down to approximately 8 inches which is roughly the size of a baseball.

what do dryer balls do? They have a dual purpose. As the dryer balls bounce around in your load, they created pockets through and around your laundry providing air to move more efficiently through the load, lowering the drying time up to 25%. This constant motion also reduces static.

I have static, what should I do? If you over dry your clothes, there will be an increase of static. If your load is coming out with high static, try lessening the dryer time.

Will the dryer balls bleed? I only use yarn that will not bleed, I test each yarn prior to use.

How do I take care of the dryer balls? There is no special care needed for your dryer balls. You can keep them in the dryer at all times or store them if you prefer. If they get dirty, simply run them through the washer, you can even wash them with your laundry. These are coming soon to this website, For now you can view them at

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