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One of the things we pride ourselves in at Next Stone Age is the authenticity of our products. We use natural stones, sterling silver, authentic crystals, 100% wool plus much more quality materials. We believe in quality over quantity. As a company and individuals we believe in the pure elements of the earth.


With our introduction last week of our dryer balls we briefly mentioned the use of Young Living essential oils. Which adds a lovely fragrance to your laundry.

However, this is not all essential oils are used for, the uses and advantages of essential oils are practically endless, the best part is that pure essential oils, like those from young living, are 100% natural and come straight from the planet.


Pure essential oils, like the ones from Young Living are never synthetic.

 These essential oils are derived directly from the source; flowers, tree bark, herbs, roots and they come from the earth. The word essential is derived from the word essence. Plants and roots are considered an essence of the planet therefore essential oils means oils of the earth.

Young Living does not take the term essential oils lightly. A bottle of their lavender oil for example is exactly that, nothing but pure lavender that they have distilled and pressed into secreting the oil that the bottle contains. This is part of what makes true essential oils so valuable, their purity. When using essential oils from Young Living there are no hidden ingredients. You can be assured that you will never be ingesting, applying or using anything unnatural or potentially harmful with Young Living. As such there are very many uses and purposes for every kind of essential oil.









If I were to simply sum up the purposes of these oils I would say: pure essential oils promote health and wellbeing. But the true purposes and uses for essential oils are quite extensive. 

Young Living has a growing list of essential oils that can be used internal and as a supplement. This sets Young Living apart from other brands.

Some of Young Living oils that can be taken as dietary supplements include ginger and fennel which can aid in the digestive process. Citrus oils can be used to support healthy skin, hair and nails. Even other oils can be used to treat small ailments like cuts, minor burns, headaches and allergies (This is something we will expand on in future blogs). While essential oils can be used in support of physical health, they can also support mental health, diffusion of certain oils and oil blends can promote clarity, peace and strength. Aside from aiding in health, some essential oil herb blends serve as a natural disinfectant and can be used in simple house cleaning and purifying.


Investing in pure essential oils from Young Living is something my family and I have been doing for the better part of a decade, they really do make a difference in physical and mental health.

There are many essential oils that are listed as such but are not made purely of the earth. Many store-bought essential oils, while they may contain pure essence, have been heavily diluted with carrier oils and synthetic. These oils DO NOT provide the same health benefits as pure essential oils, these store-bought oils can in fact be very harmful if ingested and used topically. We have tested out essential oils from various companies over the years and Young Living is the one that we trust and that continues to live up to every expectation.


We Invite you to join us in making use of the wonderful essence the earth continues to share with us. If you would like to try out and explore their products or simply get to know Young Living a little better, here is a link to our website associated with Young Living Essential  oils, as well as a list of some of our favorite essential oils for daily use.

Do you have questions? Want to know more? Feel free to contact me at 

 *these thoughts are of ours, through research and personal use, we are not giving any advice from a medical point of view. Essential oils are amazing but we recommended that you talk with your doctor if you are on any prescriptions. 

* common sense warning. As these oils do assist your body, mind and soul in many ways they are never a cure and should not be treated as so. We highly encourage to use these oils daily for all the benefits, but never replace them with your doctor or their advice.



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