January Birthstone

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January Birthstone 

Happy birthday to our January children! In this blog we will begin our monthly discussion on birthstones.

Some months are represented by more than one stone but for the month of January only one stone serves as representative: The Garnet. You may recognize this stone as a deep blood red and while this is the most common and affordable of the garnet stones, this is not the only color you can find garnet in. Garnets most wide range is from deep red to bright orange but they cab also be found in yellows, pinks and less common; green. The Garnet was so named from the Greek word meaning pomegranate as the seeds of this fruit greatly resemble the deep hues of Garnet.  

Garnet is a grounding stone, use of the garnet provides one with clarity. The garnet helps one focus on their inner self, allowing them to cleanse negative feelings and to have confidence and courage. This in turn helps the wearer become more successful in life.

This garnet stone has been widely worn by priests, knights and kings, being embedded into garments and armor. Garnets were adorned on shields and breasts plates as a manner of protection in battle. Voyagers would bring carry garnet in their travels as protection against misfortune. Sleeping with garnet under ones pillow was said to offer protection in sleep and to guard against bad dreams.

 In ancient Egypt, garnets were considered of great value in the afterlife and as such the Egyptian people would adorn their dead with garnets.  


Garnets are also known for their healing power. However, what is not commonly known is that it is the green garnet that holds the healing power.

Wearing green garnets can provide healing and protection to the chakras as well as aid in physical regeneration from various injuries. Red garnets are the stones of love, they symbolize personal connection and growth. This deep red stone can also enhance and provide aid in finding romantic connection. If you and your partner each wear a garnet ring, it can bring you closer together as a couple. Placing a garnet on each side of your room can draw out ones confidence in finding a partner. 


Garnets do not only promote romantic love but familial love as well. Garnets are connected to memories and can bring out the important ones, the ones that formed connection and growth. Gifting a garnet to a loved one symbolizes a deep and lasting friendship, as such it is a great gift to someone truly dear to you. Garnet is the stone for celebrating a 2nd wedding anniversary. Garnet is also the perfect stone to gift a Leo. The sign of a Leo is a lion and their element is fire, as such Leos are known for their fiery spirits and abrasive personalities. As Garnets are a centering stone they are perfect for helping a Leo balance their inner flame. 


Garnets are among the more durable gemstones, rating 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale, making it a perfect stone for a ring. When picking out the quality of a garnet stone, it is roughly the same as choosing quality diamonds, you are looking for a clear color and even cut. A stone that spreads light evenly on its surface will be of the best quality. The brighter red the garnet, the more expensive it will be, if it is a pink, yellow, or green stone the cost will be greater. With a darker blood red garnet you will find the common base price range for the stone. Bear in mind that if you are looking for the healing and centering auras of the garnet, you want to stick with the red and green hues.  




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