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Happy Valentines to one and all! In this blog we will briefly go over the various gemstones of love as well as introduce to you a special essential oil blend. 

The origins of valentine's day are mysterious and obscure. Most are familiar with Valentine as a revered catholic saint but few know who he was in life. There are several historical individuals that could have been the one St. Valentine, each were bishops that defied their respected kings and lords in the name of love and were martyred for it. Other supposed origins of the holiday lead back to Pegan celebrations of fertility and purity. There are Pegan beliefs which celebrate various gods and deities of love and fertility around February or early spring, around valentine's day.

While there is little historical fact to find the roots of Valentine's Day, the tradition is clear; this holiday is about sharing love with those you hold dear. Whether it is a lover, family or friend, Valentines is the day to remember those close in your life and show them your love. 


There are several gemstones associated with love and purity. Some stones aid in fueling a couples love like garnet and rubies, there are others that spur up desire like moonstone and amber.

Sapphire is traditionally given as a pledge of love or commitment. Rose Quartz however is the universal gemstone of love.

Rose quartz is among the soothing and spiritual healing stones. This stone helps to release negative and hurt feelings and helps one to forgive and accept themselves in all that they are.

This opens up the heart and allows room for others to fill it with love. This makes Rose Quartz as universal a gift as Amethyst as it promotes the best in people and spreads love and sanctity 


One essential oil blend we would like to share about is Young Livings essential oil: Sensation. This oil blend includes oil from the ylang ylang flower as well as the coriander herb.

Sensation offers a wonderdul scent which smells of refreshing wildflowers and morning dew with a hint of spice. Sensation when diffused provides a loving and affectionate environment with a flare of excitement. Using topically as a perfume or an air freshener can promote self confidence. 

You can find the Sensation essential oil by Young Living as well as some of my other favorites her 


 Whether you are single, committed or exploring, valentines is not just a holiday for couples' love. Take this holiday as a chance to remind those you hold dear how much they mean to you. Take a moment to appreciate the people in your life who offer you joy or even challenges and send some love their way! 




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