Introduction to Gemstones

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At Next Stone Age we pride ourselves in using authentic materials and gemstones as much as possible in the making of our pieces. Using the best quality items not only makes our pieces look authentic, but the jewelry will also lasts longer.

We admit that buying authentic jewelry and gemstones can be quite the investment and it begs the question, is it worth the price? 

Our answer is; absolutely. In the follow weeks we will share with you why we believe they are worth it! Sign up to receive our weekly post, so you don't miss a thing!

We will be looking into the significance and importance of gemstones, what they are used for and how to care for them. Today we will provide a brief introduction to gemstones and the reasons why Next Stone Age uses them whenever possible. 


To start, what exactly is a gemstone? Quite simply, gemstones are rocks. These rocks and crystals are a natural element that are produced by the earth. When certain rocks are subjected to different pressures, heat, natural gases and a great deal of time, they transform into something that can be quite rare. Diamonds, for example are created from the purest form of carbon that is pressurized deep in the earth's crust and exposed to tremendous heat. These diamonds eventually make their way to the surface usually through volcanic tubes where man can harvest them.  This is what makes certain gemstones so expansive and rare, they take a great deal of time and special conditions to form and as such they can be hard to find. 

Being a natural resource of the earth, it is not surprising that gemstones have been used in healing practices. Certain gemstones carry a kind of frequency or aura with them, much like the way essential oils can promote health and healing some gemstones can be used in the same way. Turquoise for example is among the oldest gemstones on earth and has been used by many cultures as a source of protection as well as a pain reliever. Rose Quarts is another old stone and can provide a calming and loving aura. Jet a rather dark stone can be used to keep away bad energies. Depending on the stone, the auras in gemstones can be used in a number of different ways both spiritually and physically. 


  When you invest in authentic jewelry and gemstones you invest not only in a fine accessory but also a natural product of the earth, a piece of rare and exquisite nature. A quality piece you can lock a secrete in or seal an emotion. Jewelry that under the proper care and maintenance, can last the trials of time. This is why authentic materials are so important for us, we want you to be left with quality pieces that is worth your investment, that you can hold on to and use again and again.  




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