Equality Jewelry

The Equality Collection is jewelry that sends a message, representing freedom of expression, inclusiveness, and a positive quality of life for every being. 

People are wearing rainbows, safety pin designs and equality signs to show they are an advocate for equality for all and believe that love is love and everyone is deserving of it.

Wear a rainbow, safety pin, equal sign, or equality design as a sign of solidarity, persistence, resistance and that you are a believer in Equality for all.

Most of these items were hand-picked by Next Stone Age, however there are 4 designs very near and dear that I bet you won't find anywhere else. The Equal Sign Equality Safe Space Rainbow Ring, The Safe Space Safety Pin Equality Rainbow Ring and the Equality and Safe Space Safety Pin Locket Pendant and Necklace are brand new to the Next Stone Age Equality Jewelry collection. 

Items in this collection may take 13-60 days to be delivered.

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