Who are we?


 Next Stone Age is a family run business fueled by passion – not one, but many.

I’m passionate about all things mind, body and soul. My daughters meanwhile, share a passion for cosplay. Vastly different passions, granted, but they all come together in our mutual love for jewelry design and creation.

Bethany, Laura, and I are long-time jewelry hobbyists. For ten years, we sold our collective creations at craft fairs, as well as a store I once owned called Absolute Delights. In January 2020, it became clear that the Universe had greater plans for me. Next Stone Age, a store built around cosplay and equality, was looking for a new owner. I jumped at the chance to purchase and grow a business that aligned so perfectly with my passions, and brought my family into the fold.

Our Next Stone Age promises to be everything the original store was – and more. We are expanding our equality line to better reflect our strong-held beliefs in freedom of expression, inclusiveness, and positive quality of life for all. We have enhanced our product offering to include hand-knitted baby cocoons, as well as other bestsellers from my former store. Bethany and Laura are busy conceptualizing new pieces for me to create so that we can better serve the cosplay enthusiasts who look to Next Stone Age for accessories. And more items designed to soothe the spirit and soul will be finding their way into our product line in the months ahead.

Whether you have a passion for spirituality, equality, creativity, or all of the above, we look forward to helping you express yourself through quality crafts and creations made with love.

Deb McCall