Who are we?

               Welcome to New Stone Age

Here we design jewelry for all of your chakra, equality, cosplay, and other geeky needs!
At Next Stone Age we are passionate about beautiful jewelry, certified gemstones, and our great Earth. Our store isn’t just about fashion accessories, it is an opportunity for us to spread love and positivity and to encourage people to express their inner selves through chic fashion, and subtle design.
Next stone age is a collaboration efforts between a mom and her two daughters. We have been designing jewelry together for years. We are taking our love for jewelry and a quirkiness mixed with our love for everything geek and working hard to bring you the best we can. 

We will be working hard, designing and creating jewelry inspired by our favorite cartoon, video game, and comic book personalities. Do you need something to fill out that Link cosplay? Or maybe something to accent a traditional business outfit that isn’t quite geeky enough for you? 
We don’t stop with cosplay, though, as we also hand picks some of the finest and most highly requested jewelry from the most elusive places. Next Stone Age goes out of their way to ensure that our shop is stocked with pieces that even the most picky person in your life should swoon over. 
So if you are #geekchic and you want to flaunt your stuff at the next cosplay competition, or if you just love letting your geek shine through in the most subtle of ways, Next Stone Age is the place to be. Stay weird, and don’t forget to #wearyourcharacter
- Next Stone Age