Dryer balls , uniquely designed, earth friendly reduces static and dry time.

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The design for these dryer balls are exclusive to Next Stone Age, uniquely designed with an extra layer (knitted cover) to make a more sturdy ball, which allows these dryer balls to last longer than the average dryer balls

Options are;

-Sets of 2 and 4

-unscented, or scented with Essential Lavender oil.

If you would like another scent message me, as I do have many Essential oils.


 In short, We are the only company to make this style of dryer balls. We have been making and selling these for 10 years. With absolutely wonderful feedback. Prior to being a part of Next Stone Age we owned a small company and sold these dryer balls. The company was called Absolute Delights.

 Through the years many customers have returned to add to their collection and to gove these as gifts for others.

The creation and the style was made solely by the owner, Deb, She made these unique style of dryer ball after seeing other dryer balls fall apart on her. She knew there had to be a solution and that's when these unique dryer balls were born.


These dryer balls are unique in the way they are made. We add an outer knitted layer to prevent the dryer balls from unraveling, which most dryer balls will do with time.

To start we felt (shrink, and make tight) our dryer balls a little different then other companies. The process we use helps the balls to stay tighter and more intact prior to doing anything else.

 However, we do add one more step to prevent unraveling and allows these dryer balls to last much longer, and that is the addition of the knitted cover. This cover is hand knitted and attached to the dryer balls and then felted as well.


This is our website for Young Living Essential oils They are the only oils we use. Whether its your dryer ball or ours. There are also many other uses for these oils, which we would be happy to discuss with you.

Contact us if you have any questions not listed. Or you if you want to know more about the essential oils I use.


A few of my favorites for dryer balls are;

Lavender, Citrus Fresh, purification and Stress away.


*How many dryer balls do you recommend?

For best results we add 4 to 6 dryer balls for a normal load, and increase the dryer balls if you have a heavy or extra large load.

*How big are they?

Prior to felting they measure 10 inches around. They felt down to approximately 8 inches

*what do dryer balls do?

They have a dual purpose. First they help in drying your clothes quicker. Up to 25% more quickly.
They reduce static. They are also a natural replacement for fabric sheets.

*I have static, what should I do?

Static will increase when clothes are over dried. Try lessening the dry time.

* Will the dryer balls bleed?

We only use yarn that will not bleed, and I test each yarn to insure they won't

* How do I take care of the dryer balls?

There is no special care. You can keep them in the dryer at all times, or store them.
If they get dirty you can just throw them in the washer.

As with all our pieces, these are exclusive to Next Stone Age.

***Making, selling and using dryerballs have been one of the small ways that we, at Next Stone Age, have been conscious to the environment. Using dryerballs allows you to stop using those disposable dryer sheets while saving money.

While doing this we are always trying to come up with different ways to help the environment in the way we pack the dryer balls.
We use recycled mailing material when available. Currently, for a pleasant look, we do pack your dryer balls in cute little plastic bags. In which we hope you can recycle. We are trying to move from the plastic in a more environmentally friendly way while still allowing the dryerballs to arrive in a cute manner. As well as with out adding addition cost to our customers.

While we are moving that direction please let us know in the notes if you would like us to skip the plastic baggies. The dryerballs will be free floating through the box if you choose that.

We will be moving to a better alternative soon!

As a small business we would appreciate feedback on your purchase. If you receive anything less then a 5 star experience please contact me direct at deb.mccall.nextstoneage@gmail.com 

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